Blue Jays 2014 Post-Mortem

Image via Ian at BlueJayHunter.

Image via Ian at BlueJayHunter.

Anxiousness; that is one word on how I would characterize this Blue Jays season from the fan’s perspective since at no point, aside from May and early June, were the Jays playing at a level where all cylinders were clicking. Don’t get me wrong, watching the Jays in first place for 45 days was superbly fantastic, but then bit by bit, they wilted down and limped into September needing a hot month to get back into the playoff picture. Their 9-2 record from August 30th to September 10th got fans excited again, but like the extreme streakiness they’ve been known for this season, it didn’t last…Continue reading→

Being in the Zone: Is It Sustainable?

mind3 originalThink back for a moment to the July 4th game in Oakland where the Blue Jays lost 1-0 in 12 innings and left ten runners on base. Steve Tolleson just led off the top of the 5th with a double. What do you think the next three hitters were thinking? Were they fretting over failure in this situation, or were they calm and focused in the batters box, totally relaxed and confident?

When hitters get into hot streaks or are thought of as being clutch, they … Continue reading→

8 Reasons Why the Padres Are the Nicest Organization in MLB

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8. Giving Jason Lane a chance – At 37 years old, Jason Lane has made a remarkable comeback to the major leagues – as a pitcher – and the Padres granted him this opportunity despite average stuff. He appeared in two mop-up situations out of the bullpen in early June and then was promptly designated for assignment. Lane cleared waivers, was recalled to make a spot start on July 28th and pitched pretty darn well through six innings, but ended up … Continue reading→

Baseball Affects Me So

I care a lot to describe you see,

How a Blue Jays loss affects me.

I want my team to win so badly,

I don’t care how they do it, gladly.

If the bullpen blows a late lead, it’s ghastly,

Issues free passes like they’re candy,

Offers up fastballs that say “hit me”,

Or serves up a hanger on a platter, kill me.  Continue reading→

Blue Jays Need Another Right-Handed Bat


Since June 27th, the second game of a four-game set with the White Sox, the Toronto Blue Jays have faced four lefties (John Danks, Chris Sale, Jose Quintana, Tommy Milone) and have lost all four games. They’re also set to face Scott Kazmir and Brad Mills (this may change with the big trade) in Oakland, and then at least C.J. Wilson in Anaheim, and David Price in Tampa before the All-Star break…Continue reading→

Ranking of MLB Team Aggregators

Today’s MLB fan most likely has apps that combine news about their favourite teams on their phones, however for this post, I wanted to undertake a little research project to find out which MLB teams are covered in an aggregator format via website. As it turns out, no other aggregator compares to the one that covers the Toronto Blue Jays –

I did this primarily because I love and check it everyday for all my Blue Jays’ news. I love the one-stop-reading that the site provides – from major news publications like ESPN to local papers and columnists, to blogs of all types – which is all listed on one glorious, incredibly handy and eye-pleasing platform that they’ve created.

Of the eight other teams that I found to have aggregator sites, I ranked them in descending order according to how comprehensive their coverage was of their respective team. This consisted of the amount of news provided and the number of sources listed from both major news outlets and local blogs. The Yankees’ aggregator, I think, is the best one out of the list below.

New York Yankees – lists their own content plus the site aggregates from a rather large number of sources.

Chicago Cubs – lists eight sources for Cubbies news, but you have to scroll down to find their section. I also found CubsChronicles, but they do a much worse job only listing three sources.

Pittsburgh Pirates – this site actually lists many sources and does a pretty comprehensive job.

Cincinnati Reds – lists many local Reds’ blogs but has no major newspaper coverage.

Boston Red Sox – has 10 sources listed but some are dated or are not relevant to baseball.

Cleveland Indians – you have to scroll down to the Indians section where it lists three news and three blog sources.

Philadelphia Phillies – a lot of news is posted here, but it’s mostly from PhilliesNation and, nothing else.

Chicago White Sox – from the same site as the Cubs above, however they only list three sources for the south-siders.

For all other 21 MLB teams, I found a generic sports news aggregator, SportSpyder that does a pretty darn good job of listing news from national and local media coverage in addition to blogs galore! You just have to click on the team that you want to see from the top drop down menu. Enjoy the reading!

Are the Blue Jays Contenders or Pretenders?

MLB: Toronto Blue Jays at Texas Rangers

Toronto Blue Jays’ T.V. play by play man, Buck Martinez, said yesterday on the broadcast that he hates it when fans say “‘The Jays are in first place, however…’, there is no however, the team is in first place and that’s all there is.”

While I should be happy that the Jays are indeed in first place, I too, am going to use the term “however” because … Continue reading→

Road Trip to PNC Park


Earlier in May, myself and my baseball crazed buddies travelled down from Toronto, Canada to Pittsburgh, PA to catch our home town Toronto Blue Jays play the local Pittsburgh Pirates. Astonishing to me, I didn’t know Pittsburgh was only a five hour drive away, is very easy to get to via I-90 and I-79, and the city owns a striking skyline which you can view quite nicely by sitting in the stands at PNC Park… Continue reading→

Esmil Rogers: Still Worth Keeping Around?

Esmil Rogers

Last year, Toronto Blue Jays pitcher Esmil Rogers provided value to the team as a good long reliever and spot starter that spanned 20 starts. He amassed 137.2 IP in 2013, and in his five wins, he was completely dominate (.153/.186/.204 batting line against) versus his nine loses (.410/.476/.701), so clearly when he’s on, he’s lights out.

For 2014 however, thoughts of a possible… Continue reading→

The Remarkable Case of Jesse Chavez

Jesse Chavez

As of April 24th, 2014, Oakland Athletics’ starting pitcher Jesse Chavez ranks third in the league for ERA (1.38), sixth for both WHIP (0.92) and BB/9 (1.73), and fifth for K/BB ratio (5.6) after only four starts. This is from a guy who’s been through six other organizations and was an emergency fill-in for Oakland after two starting pitchers went down with injury.

The fact of the matter is that the Toronto Blue Jays could have…Continue reading→